Over the last 17 years of working with Structured Settlement and Prize Payment Annuity Recipients, SenecaOne has recognized a lack of companies providing loans without requiring the sale of future payments.

Life Happens

While Seneca One has provided loans and advances to our customers over the years, we did not make it a stand-alone service, however, now we are!  Over 2018 SenecaOne extended its licensing footprint to lend to annuitants on a much broader scale. We believe this helps our customers get through “life happens” moments without having to sell their payments.

We’re Flexible

We are the only lender dedicated to people who receive payments from structured settlements and prize payments. As a result, credit scores are not an issue and we lend based on our understanding of what payments you have coming in the future.

We’re Here To Help

Once we have helped a customer get through “life happens” moments, we are there for them for future loans or if they decide they need to sell their payments with a trusted partner.  The best part is that our loan products do not require annuitants to sell their payments!

We believe in creating a long-term relationship

with someone who you know you can count on.