We’ll Help You Get the Money You Need, When You Need it.

Life is full of surprises — unexpected events, can’t-miss opportunities and everything in between. So getting you your money quickly is always our priority.

Need a large lump sum payment?

Need a fast cash advance?

If you have an annuity or structured settlement from a personal injury claim, lawsuit or other circumstance, we can help you unlock your future payments to access the cash you need.

How? Here are a few of the options you’ll have at your fingertips when you work with us.

Instant Advance™ by Check or Wire

SenecaOne has Instant Advance™ which can provide you with a cash advance of $1,000, $2,500, even $5,000 — in as little as 24 hours. *

We know life won’t wait, so our Instant Advance™ is designed to ease your financial burdens right away.

A Custom Lump Sum Payment

If you have a settlement due to you in five, ten, even twenty years, or if you’re receiving monthly payments that just aren’t enough, you can get relief. We’ll help you access the cash you need.

At SenecaOne, our team will not only help you get the money you need when you need it, but they’ll provide you with the highest level of personal service.

We guarantee it.

Are You Ready To Meet Your Personal Annuity Specialist?


If you’ve already called us, a specialist is likely reviewing your information at this very moment and will be getting in touch with you shortly (if they haven’t already).

If you haven’t yet contacted us, we look forward to speaking with you! Please call 1-800-513-1394 to meet one of our annuity specialists. Or if you’d prefer to get a FREE QUOTE online, it’s quick and easy!

Either way, don’t delay. We’re ready to get you the money you need.

*Assignment transaction required for Instant Advance™ and timing of advance subject to time of call and state laws. For qualified Structured Settlement or Annuity recipients only.

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