Does this sound familiar? You are the recipient of regular payments through a structured settlement.  The terms of the settlement plan met your financial needs when you first agreed to it. However, times have changed and your current financial situation may require more money now than your settlement can provide.

Perhaps you are now encountering an unplanned financial crisis, or medical emergency. Maybe you need tuition money to fund your child’s college education, or you are approaching retirement age and want to plan for your future. Or maybe you’ve had a big life-change and are in need of a house or car for your growing family.

The bottom line is that you find yourself in need of more money to satisfy current needs than you are receiving each month from your settlement payment stream or annuity.

How to Get More

If you have future payments remaining in your settlement agreement, you may be able to access those future payments now.

Let’s say you have ten years of payments coming your way from your settlement, but you need money today. Instead of having to wait ten years to receive that money, SenecaOne can help you use your current payment stream to get you the amount of money you need now.

For some, a large lump sum payment is needed, while for others a more modest sum with a continued future payment stream is the best option. Before you decide on the right course of action for you, it’s important to explore your options.  An annuity specialist worth their salt will take the time to educate you on a number of potential solutions.

The Payment Process

Once you decide on a plan that’s right for you, the process of unlocking your settlement funds can begin right away. Our team has earned a reputation for ensuring a quick and stress-free process for getting you your money.

It often begins with what we call our Instant Cash Advance, which can be wired to you fast, often within 24 hours of documenting your transaction. This advance is a great way to manage your urgent cash needs, while we complete your larger payment process.

If you have questions about the payment process or you are interested in discussing your available payment options with a SenecaOne specialist, call us today toll-free at 1.800.513.1394.

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