Financial service companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars offering structured settlement annuitants the ability to get cash by selling their future payments. Seneca One has finally offered a new loan product which allows structured settlement annuitants the ability to receive same day, low cost loans as an alternative to selling their future payments.

At Seneca One, we believe in creating long financial relationships with our customers where both sides benefit. We are in the business of offering multiple service offerings which allow quick cash to pay bills or take care of an emergency. We have been working with structured settlement and prize payment annuity recipients for more than 17 years, providing a wide variety of financial services to ensure their needs are met. Last year, we launched our Annuity Payment Loan program to offer annuitants an alternative to selling their payments.

Why Sell When You Can Keep Your Payments and Still Get the Financing You Need?

The Seneca One Annuity Payment Loan was designed to provide quick relief to customers experiencing a “life happens” moment. In order to qualify for an annuity loan, all you need to be is an annuitant that owns upcoming payments. It’s that simple. We offer loans up to $2,500 that could be paid over the next 12 months. The maximum APR customers pay is just 9.9%. This is much better than most peer-to-peer lending programs and certainly better than what a payday or title lender can offer. We have made it so you can afford to borrow without having to worry about losing future payments you will need.

Remember how we said financial companies have been advertising about buying structured settlement payments for more than 20 years? They have saturated the market with their messaging; leaving many annuitants to think they have to sell. While it’s true that selling your payments does make sense in some scenarios if you are in need of a large sum of money that exceeds $2,500, selling is no longer the only option. If you seek a small personal loan fast, our Annuity Payment Loan may be your best option for the following reasons:

  • You are not selling your structured settlement payments.
  • You will get your funding faster than if you sell – sometimes even during the same day.
  • There is no need to seek approval from the courts as you are not selling your payments.
  • All credit scores are accepted. Your payments are your qualifier.
  • You can enjoy flexible payment terms and never feel pressured to sell.


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