SenecaOne’s Prize Payment Advance Program

Choice. Flexibility. Speed. It’s what sets SenecaOne’s Prize Payment Advance Program apart. It’s also how we get you the cash you need, when you need it.

Unlike your prize payments — life’s situations, opportunities and financial needs don’t have a regular schedule. Your Trusted Source® understands immediate needs. SenecaOne offers flexible programs to fit your financial needs.

Next Payment Loan

SenecaOne can help to bridge your pressing financial gap by loaning up to 100% of our customers’ next after-tax net payment. The loan comes with a competitively low fixed-interest rate and no monthly payments*.

$100K Cash Advance

Another benefit of partnering with Your Trusted Source® is the SenecaOne cash advance program. Qualifying prize payment winners involved in a transaction with SenecaOne can get an advance of up to $100,000 against their lump sum payment.

Get Started

Contact your SenecaOne Funding Specialist to see how Your Trusted Source® can get you the cash you need.



SenecaOne pairs our excellent Better Business Bureau A+ rated service with personalized solutions to make sure we meet your specific needs.

SenecaOne’s Prize Payment Process

To make the process as quick as possible, SenecaOne can get your money to you in 6 easy steps:


Get to Know Your

Funding Specialist

Our Funding Specialists like to listen. It helps them understand your financial goals. With the big picture in mind, they can fully explore your available options and map out the best way to help you get the money you need.


You Receive a

Prize Payment Acknowledgement

Your dedicated Funding Specialist will send the transaction agreement and paperwork for you to sign. SenecaOne then requests the prize verification from the state.




SenecaOne will file a petition to get the transaction approval from the court. After being reviewed by a judge, the court issues a court order. Few states will require you to appear in court. If they do, there is a good chance your Funding Specialist will be there with you.


You Receive 

Your Money

Your court order is immediately sent to the state where the sale of your prize will be confirmed. When that happens, SenecaOne will receive an acknowledgment of the transfer from the state.


Choose Your 

Payment Method

With the prize payment acknowledgement in hand, SenecaOne offers you options for getting your money to you as quickly as possible. 

Choose from:

Overnight mail or a direct wire transfer.


You Receive 

Your Money

Whether it’s a need, a dream opportunity, or anything in between, you now have the financial freedom and peace of mind to make it a reality!

Making Your Trusted Source® Better

Whether you are looking for a new roof to live under, or just need to fix the one currently over your head — SenecaOne can get you the cash you need. The combination of our speedy prize payment purchases and available industry-leading advance programs, add up to SenecaOne quickly getting you the most money we can.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to sell—your next payment, portions of future payments or all your payments. Your Funding Specialist is ready to discuss your options so you can maximize your opportunities.

SenecaOne doesn’t charge transaction fees. None. Getting our customers the most benefit from their available cash is just another way SenecaOne stands by its commitment to be Your Trusted Source®.