Selling a Structured Settlement

Selling your structured settlement isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Your particular situation or life circumstance can, and will, change. No matter what the reasons for wanting to sell your payment schedule, they are your reasons.

We also understand that life can come at you pretty quickly. Yesterday’s wants might not meet today’s responsibilities or tomorrow’s needs. Whether achieving a lifelong goal or addressing an immediate concern, getting access to more of your structured settlement—quickly—can make the difference.

Why Choose SenecaOne?

Working closely with each of our customers to educate them on their options is a big part of what makes SenecaOne different. Whether it’s the next payment, portions of future payments or all your payments, SenecaOne helps our structured settlement customers to get the cash they need—as quickly as possible.

And should there be a financial gap while our customers wait, SenecaOne has some of the best advance programs in the industry to cover those immediate needs too.

“We’ve worked with thousands of customers, providing the
one-on-one personalized service and streamlined process
to quickly improve your financial outlook.”

As Your Trusted Source®, we are with you

Every Step Of The Way

From the time you pick up the phone, to the time you receive your payment, your dedicated Annuity Specialist will work closely with you to customize a solution—getting you the best possible terms, quickly.

And standing by the commitment to be Your Trusted Source®, SenecaOne doesn’t charge processing or legal fees. Zero. It’s another way SenecaOne helps to get our customers the most from their structured settlement.