…is a heart-warming comeback story like that of June.

June was receiving money from a personal injury claim that was settled a few years ago. She was severely injured in a car accident on a rainy day in Florida when a tractor trailer lost control and struck her vehicle.

Her determination helped her recover, but the medical bills were extensive and June wasn’t able to work immediately after her collision.

June was grateful to have the money from her structured settlement after the accident, but down the road she found herself counting pennies month to month between payments. She was overwhelmed, confused and tired of the run around she had gotten from others she had turned to for help.

When June’s Life Changed for the Better

One day after receiving a letter in the mail, June called SenecaOne and met Bob, one of our annuity specialists.

Bob took the time to get to know June and understand not only her short-term needs, but her long-term goals.  Together they worked on a plan that would allow June to accomplish the dreams she never thought were possible.

June was stunned when Bob got on a plane to come and see her to discuss her specific options in person. It was the kind of genuine, personal service she had never experienced.

“They really wanted to help, and made me feel me like part of their family,” June said.

What Surprised June Most

Watch the following two-minute video to hear what surprised June most about working with Bob and SenecaOne.

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