How long does the entire process take?

It depends on your state. Generally, the process takes a total of 6-12 weeks. But it can be more or less depending on your assigned court date, receipt of lottery acknowledgements, and other circumstances.

How soon can I receive an advance?

Once SenecaOne receives all documents, information and lottery verifications necessary for filing the petition, the advance will be wired to your bank account or a check will be sent to you via FedEx.

Why does this go through court?

The court process provides protection for you, the prize winner. The court confirms that, among other things, you have received required paperwork and are assigning payments under your own free will.

What is a lottery acknowledgement?

It is necessary certification informing SenecaOne that the state lottery has changed its records in response to the approved court order. It’s the last step before SenecaOne transfers your money.

What if I need more money?

Not a problem. SenecaOne is here to help you whenever a need arises. Call 1.800.513.9639 and speak to your Funding Specialist.

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