One thing we never get tired of hearing is a story of hope renewed, and dreams coming true—especially at this time of the year.  Meet married couple Zach and Heather. Zach is a drummer and Heather is a school teacher.

Zach had a structured settlement that was due to pay out some 20 years down the road.  That meant Zach could look forward to a regular income stream as he approached retirement. But it also meant that he couldn’t use the money now, when he needed it most, to provide for his family.

“Twenty years is a long time. We needed the money now.”

The stress of managing the many bills they had to pay each month while also trying to avoid falling further into debt was taking a toll on Zach and Heather.  They wanted to find a way out of their current situation, and decided that 20 years was a long time to wait for the money in Zach’s structured settlement. They needed the money now.

After working with Bob at SenecaOne, Zach and Heather received a $5,000 Instant Advance™. This immediate cash meant they could begin paying off their urgent bills without delay. At the same time, they worked with Bob on a plan to receive a larger lump sum payout from Zach’s settlement.

“It was a weight lifted off our shoulders.”

In the end, Zach and Heather used the money they received to buy a home and pay off their bills. Listen to their story of renewed hope in this short video.

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