Your SenecaOne Specialist

As a SenecaOne customer, you will always be paired with ONE dedicated specialist. The same Specialist. From start to finish. No being bounced around. No re-explaining your situation. Just you and one point of contact. Every time.

From picking up the phone to receiving your payment—your dedicated Specialist will be there to help you. Every step of the way. Even if that step requires you to visit a courtroom—we’re by your side. SenecaOne will continue to go above and beyond, working closely with you to find the best solution.

I reached out to SenecaOne for a fast cash advance and I got a fantastic deal compared to the competition! Mike R. is the representative who’s been helping me through the deal and he’s been amazing! Day or night, he’s always responsive to my questions or concerns…I was always in the loop, not once did I have to reach out for new information! He was always the first to call! Not to mention, the timely $500 cash advances were always convenient and quick!

Greye D., Indiana

SenecaOne is dedicated to developing lasting one-to-one relationships. Relationships built on understanding and trust. Our Specialists have the experience and ability to get you access to your money—helping you realize your life improvement—no matter what it might be.

Relationships Founded in Trust

During every step of the process, you are kept in the loop. Part of our One-to-One Service Guarantee is to ensure that our customers are aware of what to expect—from signing the contracts to getting your money. It’s more than customer service, it’s a commitment to excellence.

On top of SenecaOne’s best-in-class service, as Your Trusted Source® understands and appreciates the need to keep you on your feet while you wait for your next payment. That’s why we offer you some of the most flexible cash advance and loan programs in the industry.

Our One-to-One Service Guarantee

Working with Your Trusted Source®, you can also rely on:

  • Honest answers and results in a timely manner
  • Return phone calls within fifteen minutes*
  • Zero pressure to complete a transaction
  • Loan approvals in as little as 4 hours*
  • Cash advance approvals in as little as 24 hours*
  • A quick and easy funding process
  • Our loans carry competitively low or 0% interest rates
  • Good credit or your employment history is never required

*During normal business hours: M–Th, 9am—7:00pm; F 9am—5pm (all times EST)

Obligation free. Cost free. Pressure free.

Contact one of our Specialists today to discuss your options. The call is free and there is no obligation. We’ll even take a look at your existing settlement. At no extra charge. It’s all part of our mission to be Your Trusted Source®.

Rich at SenecaOne took the time to talk with me and understand exactly why I needed to [access the money in my structured settlement]. He didn’t rush me through the process or judge me for my financial situation. My questions were answered honestly and Rich treated me like a friend not a dollar sign. It didn’t take long to get my money, and they didn’t try to push me into doing anything that wasn’t in my best interest. If I needed to sell again, I would definitely call SenecaOne.

Candace B., West Virginia