As we at Seneca One read about the devastating effects of hurricane Harvey that hit Texas this past week, we hope that residents, friends and family of the affected areas are safe and that the communities are able to quickly rebuild and provide assistance to those in need. 

Seneca One wants to do its part.  We have established a Seneca Relief Fund of $7,500 to assist structured settlement annuitants who have been adversely affected by the storm.  If you’re receiving structured settlement payments, you can receive up to $250 in assistance that you don’t have to pay back.  Simply call 800-609-1448, confirm that you’re a structured settlement recipient, and tell us how you’ve been affected by the storm. 

We know you may be going through very difficult times and we know $250 won’t resolve all your challenges, but our goal is to allow you to address at least one need…however small. More importantly, we want to give you peace of mind that you’re not in this alone.

If your financial needs are greater and you’re interested in selling some of your payments, we can help you access the funds you need.  Please call us at call 800-609-1448 to let us know how we can help.

All of us at Seneca One wish you and your neighbors a speedy recovery and a hope of brighter days ahead.