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Do you have a structured settlement or annuity? But need cash right away?

SenecaOne helps people with structured settlements get the cash they need.

Our $5K Right Away program is just one of the ways we make cash access easy.

How does it work?

Call SenecaOne now and you could get a $5,000 INSTANT ADVANCE™ from your structured settlement or annuity in as little as 24 hours. Good credit is not required. And employment is not required.

We understand everyone’s needs are different and will tailor a plan that’s right for you. Call us today to discuss your options. Your call is free, and there’s no obligation.

So why wait? Our team of experts is ready to help.

At SenecaOne Our Mission is to Be Your Trusted Source

Every so often you find the one company that meets your expectations. SenecaOne is dedicated to being that trusted source for you. When you work with us:

  • Expect Helpfulness. We’ll work with you one to one to develop a sensible cash solution.
  • Expect Choices. You’ll have flexible options for getting whatever amount of money you need.
  • Expect Honesty. No surprises, hidden fees or gimmicks. Just the facts you want, fully explained.
  • Expect Respect. You’ll always be treated courteously and encouraged to choose an option you’ll feel good about.
  • Expect Certainty. Your specialist will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Expect Cash Fast. With our $5K Right Away cash advance program we offer an INSTANT ADVANCE™ in as little as 24 hours.

Call 800-513-1394 for a free consultation with an Annuity Specialist.

Turn Your Annuity into Choices You’ll Feel Good About

At SenecaOne we’ll work with you to help you meet your personal, family or business goals. We’ll show you how you can turn tomorrow’s annuity payments into choices you’ll feel good about today.

Pay Off Debt iconPay Off Debt

You can take control of your debt and use your annuity money to pay off high-interest credit card bills or long-term loans. Tell us what debts you want paid off, and you could become debt-free.

Make a Down Payment on a Home iconMake a Down Payment on a Home

Stop dreaming about owning your own home in your dream neighborhood and make it happen. You can use your annuity money as a down payment toward the full price of a new house.

Buy a New Car iconBuy a New Car

Whether it’s getting to your job or picking up your kids from soccer practice, having a safe and reliable car can save you time and peace of mind. You can use your annuity money to purchase a vehicle.

Fund an Education iconFund an Education

We can help you with the resources you need to start a college savings plan with your annuity money. You can use your annuity money to pay for your child’s college tuition or put yourself through school.

Start a Business iconStart a Business

If you’ve dreamed of being your own boss, you can use your annuity money to start your own business, purchase a well-known franchise or even invest in a rental property.

Call 800-513-1394 to see how you can turn your annuity money into even more choices you’ll feel good about.

Interested in learning more about your annuity money?

We invite you to call or visit our website or Facebook page anytime. If you have questions about your structured settlement, lottery prize or other annuity we’re here to help free of charge.

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Call 800-513-1394 for a free consultation with an Annuity Specialist.

Become a Valued Member of our Team!

At SenecaOne we’re always looking for hard-working team players committed to best-serving our customers. SenecaOne offers excellent benefits, regular team-building events and career advancement.

We typically have career opportunities in the following roles:

  1. Account Executives (Sales Focus)
  2. Accounting/Finance
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  8. Underwriting

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